Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trying to Update More Regularly

So, I am going to post 25 things about me. Maybe they will inspire me to write more. Maybe not. We'll see how it works out.

1.) I turned 40 this year. It was harder than I thought it would be.
2.) I am one half of the happiest marriage I personally know of, and have been for the entire 12 years I've been married.
3.) I never wanted to get married until I met my husband. I was 26 at the time.
4.) I just finished knitting my first real project. It is a toddler sweater for my friend Beth's great nephew Joel. I hope that he likes it.
5.) I have a pet stingray. He's a really cool pet. I don't clean his tank enough.
6.) I am both excited and nervous about the bead seminar that I'll be attending in Lake Tahoe later this month.
7.) I really enjoy staying up late/all night long. And my husband really doesn't enjoy when I do.
8.) I am hopelessly addicted to the internet, and I have no desire to attend a program for it.
9.) My dream vacation spot is Ireland and I am really afraid to go because I am afraid that after I get there I won't want to come home - ever.
10.) I'm a Chemo-Angel, and currently enjoying writing to my third buddy. She's a 9 year old girl who has bone cancer.
11.) I love water, and the creatures that live in it.
12.) I am very hot blooded.
13.) I have a son who is the light of my life.
14.) I could spend an hour a day for a month tweezing my eyebrows and they would still need more work.
15.) My hair has been greying since I was 16.
16.) I have the best friend any girl ever had. Hi Beth!
17.) I like emoticons.
18.) Ice cream is my favorite junk food.
19.) When I am in a high place and look down I feel a compulsion to jump. It isn't suicidal, just the urge to leap.
20.) I am a foodie.
21.) I typically do not enjoy the food of any country that I am aware of having ancestry of (before we came to America.)
23.) I miss my grandma every single day of my life.
24.) My most strong desire right now is to know that my existence makes a difference somewhere.
25.) I really want to write, but I'm afraid because it has been so long that I might not be good at it any longer.

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