Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not Enjoying the New Dairy Beverage She Purchased

I love milk, but don't really care for skim and the last time I was at the grocery store I saw a new (to me) product in the dairy case.  It is called Dean's Over the Moon Fat Free Milk.  It is skim milk fortified with more of the calcium and protein that is naturally found in skim milk and it has the bonus of being packed in a cardboard carton so it retains the vitamins found in the milk. On the carton they compare this product to 2% milk and it does look a bit like 2% when it is poured from the carton, but the resemblance ends there, at least for me.  To me it still tastes like skim milk so I won't be purchasing it again.  It is quite a bit more expensive than the same amount of skim milk.  The nice thing is that Dean's gives a money back guarantee and an 800 number to call if you aren't satisfied.  I won't be calling, because I will use the product up, and while I will continue to purchase other Dean's products, this one won't find its way back into my shopping cart.

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